"Say It In English!" Books 1 and 2.

"Say It In English!" Books 1 and 2.
by Brian M. Fliti

" English conversation books, created specifically for Koreans"
Published in 2001.

The right English conversation books for the right Korean-English learners.

The goal of "Say It in English" is to teach Korean students basic communicative language
skills, through necessary and useful vocabulary and emphasizes a constant progression
in speaking, listening, reading and writing activities. "Say It In English" consists of
a Student Workbook, Audio Cassettes and a Teacher's Manual.

 Book 1 covers basic chapters.
 (Price \13,000 - with tape)

 Book 2 is designed to augment the topics studied in
 Book 1 and covers more exciting and entertaining chapters.

Greetings, introductions, saying goodbye,
agreeing, disagreeing, uncertainty, let's talk!
Appearances and characters.
Classroom English: Asking permission, and
for information, apologizing, complementing
and thanking.
Physical states and feelings.
Family, friends and other people.
Dating and relationships.
My future? Occupations.
Entertainment and leisure activities.
General knowledge : For your information.
Personal journals: Writing in English.
Human body and health.
Countries and cultures.
Locations and directions.
Transportation and travelling.
Shopping from A to.....Z.
Telephone English.
Food from A to ...........Z.
Language tips: American and British English, etymology, reductions, funny jokes, common pronunciation problems, Konglish and English, interesting vocabulary, reading (Story), sports quiz and sounds of the world's animals.
North American English Language and Culture:
Popular idioms, well-known sayings and common superstitions.